No Mercy

If I die now

right this instant

what’s my legacy?

don’t exchange it for addiction

the kind to make you feel good

in that moment

but like shit in the next

ladies and gentlemen

pleasure ain’t yours to keep

in fact you transit

get the ride of your life

and then eternal death

you want to be high on me?

make sure you smoke me good

inhale my scent, fore it fades away

watch me drift away

to better seas with life’s aroma

Not the stench of death

or my carcass, rotten flesh, flea infested

or thoughts seeking comfort in a mental asylum

ladies and gentlemen this is more than a legacy

it’s chasing the sunrise and compelling it to set

Sleep is not my friend, never been

fact, nobody is my friend

just foes waiting in the wings

success, excel, be great

watch the envy on dear friends face

this race is rigged, rigamortis

convulse till you break

but don’t afford the seizure victory

coz victory has always been MINE


to an aristocratic dynasty

life is the epitome of a bullet

continually shooting, bazooka

splintering my body, ‘cept I rebuilt mine

flames engulfing every hope you though you had

but He said, faith, love and hope remain

except love don’t know me, we’re virtual strangers

faith I’ve got in You

One out of three

two, I don’t do pairs.. perpetually ONE WOMAN!!!

three, 3AM when I watch you peasants sleep

free your mind, refuse to be enslaved

legacy is yours, do it to death

my casket won’t sink

it’ll rise instead

you will know my name

Kandeya the woman that sunk a thousand ships

left her footprints in the sand

survived so she could live

lived so she could do

do what was necessary so that life wouldn’t cease to exist.


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