Painting the Society my Prayer

society setting soul trapping benchmarks
a generation of instant gratification
so you purge your innocence for the world
compromise has become the norm
the savage beast of hell ready to inflict
inflict and incite, your humanity long gone
as you sold your soul, the shadow’s your new home
till the very thing you seek destroys you
your soul teetering on the edge… but
“giving LIBERATES the soul of the giver”
pure hearts are mere nomads in this scarred world
rare are those who look for beauty amongst the ashes
selfless beings fatigued by the putrid stench of hate
so I look for my King once more
the One that restores even the most dilapidated
He gives beauty for ashes….
My Lord my God, worthy I’m not but Hallelujah I will sing
may my heart become a vessel of righteousness


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