Ice Queen

today I got lost in the stars

I let the cold permeate my body

like an  addict I craved my next fix

into the eerie night I stared

I don’t know exactly

when the cold became my lover

I welcome the shivers

the accompanied vulnerability

it sieves the redundant

retrenches evil

mother earth granted me this one wish

to feel the magnitude

not of lava but ice

in my veins it runs

making me giddy like a child

taking me back to days past

when I wasn’t tainted

when I craved the heat of love

but it was my wish to be cold as ice

they say unfeeling, like a statue

I disagree, a raging hail storm more like

frustrated with the ways of the world

the tragedies that mar its people

the omnipotent Lord gave us freewill

we relinquished it for our baser desires

I’m done preaching to drones

I’m numb now, my lungs are exhilarated by the gust of cold air

I can’t feel my toes but my spirit has never felt more alive

the carnage in my head makes sense when cocooned by an igloo

freezing out the imposters and their kin

retaining only the elixir of life

I’m pretty sure hypothermia is about to set in

my hypothalamus firing warning shots

with brick laden feet I’m reluctant to return

to your warmth you continually insisting that things are better

but absolute zero taught me that that’s a lie

it’s not my time though, so I heed your call

embrace your bossom

I shake your hand, I smell the roses

pricked by the thorns

you celebrate as the blood oozes out

symbolic of the life He chose to give me so I could bless you…


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