Resolution Persevere

911, what’s your emergency?
Multiple gunshot wounds
To her heart, soul and body
The victim is alive and standing

Not because you want to
But because your flame won’t die
All those afflictions yet you didn’t die
Your acing your breathing exams
One two three

A drop in faith because she crushed your spirit
She crushed you into dust
The wind blew you into the stratosphere
You rose with every shattered piece
Your past chasing you, tugging and pulling
It’s a  game of tug and war
Explosions, bomb blasts! War!

Before Christ, After Christ
Wars are being fought
You oscillate between victim, casualty, perpetrator
Genocides, massacres
Facing extinction
Your flesh heals
Your wounds heals
Your scars not so much
The flames don’t cease
From your heart nor mind
You’re more weak then strong
But only yesterday, today you’re strong
Today you seek absolution

Running through the forest of life
Seeking freedom from guilt and punishment
You win battles when you arm yourself
Get massacred when you leave your weapons at home
he ruined you, found you solid yet you seek his forgiveness
he will never exonerate you from his perpetual mind fuck
Because he clipped your wings
But your heart defies his constraints
It beats to its own rhythm
So fuck his being
Fuck the memories
Shoot him dead and dance on his grave
You don’t need him, you need His hand
The coup De grace is this
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: 
a broken and a contrite heart
This He will not despise
Elevate child of the most High

Your past may chase you but rise above it
It’s meant to be a book not a chapter
Don’t let a chapter define your entity
Be courageous, Brave, keep your fear
Because it renews your humanity

Signed and sealed
Resolution Persevere


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