I am learning 

Don’t go walking into dark alleys

The strangers of the world mom warned you about traipse all over those alleys

Those ones that get galvanized by pain and take you with them

I learned something today

Those strangers become your friends and those friends your habits

But they remain strange, I would’ve used peculiar but I wish not to romanticize this lesson 

I learned something today

That those strangers will absorb your energy, hinder your progress and will bequeath you disarray 

I learned something today 

It really isn’t about the strangers, because this life, this cause called living necessitates a martyr to be great

I also learned today 

That martyr can’t be you

This cause requires puissance, vigor and a soul so potent the strangers in the alley will not be to your detriment. 

I learned something today 

To discern imperilment you need to learn and unlearn a prodigious amount of behaviours and thoughts

So learn something today and abhor stagnation at all costs 


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