Get Off the Slave Ship

I am strong enough, don’t ever forget that!
When he sang “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” my fear curtsied and peeked from behind the curtains 

Like a smelter I forged a spear, my weaknesses sharpened my strengths 

I levitated to the highest peak, my mind.

I unraveled the greatness in Spirit and succumbed to my genius. I stood in awe and conviction.

I was scared, still am but my fear holds the key to disintegrate The System. To alter unformity.

Fear versus the whole world, for the whole Afrika. 


This ship will not reach the imperialist harbour, where it’s ignorant and safe. My defiance broke the surface of the water 

They’re constipated with illusions of foreign aid, shouting VIVA in unison with fists clenching dollars. When will we be free? 

This is not about Armageddon 

This is about the river of inferiority that quenches your soul with lies

This is about the lake that impedes your growth and development 

The ocean of dependency you sail on in the name of national reconciliation 


Because “none but you can free your mind”

Dark and savage they baptized us

They indoctrinated this mantra causing mass casualties but my fear stood its ground

The fear for Afrika remaining chained in the pocket of the IMF, who’s help we can’t do without. That’s what they said. 

The more the knowledge the more the ignorance. But forget not my fear, it got off the slave ship faced the West and now I’m on my way to eternal freedom.. 


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