Humanity is a quiet confrontation Everyday it begs to exist

It unfurls its limbs and waves at you from the writing on the wall

It used to be innate, till the devil succeeded at desensitization 

A reflex action, now an afterthought 

The populace worshiping at the alter of its own demise 

Go ahead, just try

Remember the golden rule 

Or whichever contract you subscribe to 
There are those 

That reclaim it despite the inferno of evil

There are those that smile through the pain

There are those that emit kindness and smiles 

Warmth, milk and honey

Brave enough to try and rewrite history 

I stand in awe of this people 

A people that loves in as much as it hurts

A people full of hope 

A people willing to educate when everything says denigrate

A selfless people unaware of its charity

A healing people descendants of a wounding people

A people for the people 

A conscious people 

A people in charge of their own narrative 

A just people birthed out of the angst of greed

A people for the people 

They’d say ahead of its time

But really of the right time 

Humanity is a quiet confrontation 


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