Keep Up

 I see the way you lose your composure when you look at me
I see the fear in your eyes

Past the exhilaration 

Past the control you deem so necessary 

I see how you run from my essence 

Yet inhale my scent like your life depends on it

Can you keep up? 

Not with the illusion of a subservient mate 

Or with “love lives here” tumblr posts

I mean frauds

But can you keep up with my winter?

My reign on control 

My fear of the unknown 

My incessant fight for justice

Boy, can you keep up with my highs and lows? 

Or do you just love the thickness of my thighs

The dip in my waist

Or the depth of my eyes? 

Can you keep up with my night? 

Coz the day and I have no affiliation 

Can you keep up with the arch in my back

Or will you simply quiver when I sit on it? 

Or caress it? 

I am a conquering heroine 

With flawed altruistic tendencies 

So can you keep up with this dynasty?

This hope for Afrika?

Or will your spirit buckle at the sheer strength of this melanin?

It’s called beyond a shadow of doubt for a reason.

Can you keep up? Or else 

Off you go

To visit the office of trail and error 

Where those before you will welcome you with open arms

And you can compare notes

And you’ll find that yes, you miss me

Yes, I am a phenomenon 

And no, you’ll never get another chance 

So I ask again. 

Can you keep up? 

Can you? 


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